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Blackboard Connect-ED

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The Blackboard Connect-ED/Connect 5 Message Center

Helpful Info For Parents

What is Blackboard Connect-ED/Connect 5?

Blackboard Connect-ED / Connect 5 is the official name of the electronic system that is used to notify our school community of important information either by a phone message and/or text message.. This well respected and widely used service allows Yancey County Schools to communicate with parents about emergency situations, school events and important issues impacting your child via personalized voice and/or text messages to your family's home, work or cell phones. A school principal or district administrator can make one phone call that reaches families and/or employees in a short amount of time.  Simply put, we can “get the word out,”  very quickly and consistently to our Clearmont family.

Need to hear a message again?

If you've missed a message, or you'd like to hear a message again, please call: 1-855-4Replay (1-855-473-7529) from the phone in which the original message was received.

Important Call Delivery Notes

  • Messages may not be immediately available for playback. It could take up to one hour for message to become available.

  • If you've missed any part of the message, please stay on the line and press *(star) to hear the message again.

  • When a call comes from the school, your caller ID system will display the district name/phone number or the school name/phone number.  However, this can also depend on the phone company carrier, or what you have entered into your personal phone contact list.

  • When listening to a message, please be aware that background noise will cause the system to "stop and start." It is calibrated very delicately to determine whether a person or an answering machine has picked up the phone, and background noise may affect the delivery. If possible, move to a quiet area, or press the "mute" button on your phone.

  • In the event that your telephone line is busy at the time of the call, the system is programmed to call two additional times, usually within an hour of the call start time.
  • If there is no answer, the system will re-try that number several times. If after repeated attempts the message is still not delivered, the system will cease its delivery attempts.

  • To ensure proper message delivery, your answering machine message should be clear without any breaks  or pauses. This will enable the system to determine the proper time to start the message.

  • Please help us by ensuring that we have your current contact information. If any of your phone numbers have changed during the school year please contact us so we can update our records.