Classroom Supply List

All classroom supply list are located on the table by the office door.

Kindergarden Supply List
Kindergarten Sleeping Mat
Small blanket or beach towel
Wipes (baby wipes or Clorox wipes are fine, students will only be     permitted to use the baby wipes)
Glue (bottle or stick is fine)
Box of tissues - 2
Small box of band aids
Crayon/pencil box  
Hand sanitizers
Plastic folders (students will bring these to and from school everyday to carry their work in or information from school)
Box of crayons (Please do not buy anything other than the box of 8.  You may send in two of those if you want to.  They will be kept in their crayon box in their desk.)  Please do not send in markers.  Also please put a pink and gray crayon in their pencil box
Change of clothing (to be swapped out during season change)

Please put your child’s name on their supplies. 

First Grades Supply List
●Pencil box
●Three 2 pocket folders
●School glue
●Two packs of pencil top erasers
●Six glue sticks
●Mead Primary Journal (with picture space at the top and handwriting lines at the bottom- available at Wal-Mart)                                                  
●One pack of dry erase markers (for student use)
●AA and AAA Batteries
●Baby Wipes
●Various size Ziploc bags
Band Aids
Hand Sanitizer

* As part of our Science and Social Studies Curriculum, we will be implementing the Scholastic News Weekly Readers. The cost for this subscription is $5.00 per student.  Please send your child's money as soon as possible.

Second Grade Supply List

2 folders for Homework (labeled with your child’s name) to go in notebook

1 pencil box to include the following: 

         pencils (2)

         erasers (1)

         scissors (1)

         glue sticks (4 small ones) or (2 large ones)

1 box of crayons 

2 boxes of facial tissues (Kleenex)

1 box of quart-sized ziploc baggies

1 box of gallon sized ziploc baggies

2   1” three ring binders 

2 packs wide-ruled paper

1 pack of #2 pencils (6-12) for sharing in class

Wide spaced composition notebook with sewn binders (white and black marbled cover or any other color is fine) used for Class Journal.  (These can be found at Fred’s, Wal-Mart, CVS, or Dollar General.)

*Spiral bound notebooks are not acceptable and will be sent back home.*

Third Grade Supply List

4 packs of notebook paper

1  five subject spiral notebook

Colored pencils


3 glue sticks


$12  for social studies and science newspaper (these will be part of your child’s grade in these subjects) * if you write a check, make it payable to Clearmont School.

Pencil box

2 highlighters

4 pocket folders

2 dry erase pens

Clorox wipes

Kleenex tissues

Fourth Grade Supply List

Composition Notebook

1 Subject Notebook

(1)5 subject Notebook

Deodorant (to keep in cubby)

(3) folders

2 Packs of #2 Pencils (NO MECHANICAL PLEASE)

Pencil Box

Pack of Dry Erase Markers

(2) Highlighters

3 pack boxes of Kleenex

(2) Bottles of Germ-x

3 pack of Clorox Wipes

Pack of Pens (Red or Blue Only)

Pack of Glue Sticks


Crayons and Magic Markers

$12 for Scholastic Science and Social Studies Newspaper

Fifth Grade Supply List
Index Cards: lined, not the large ones: We use lots of these: several packs
1 plastic pocket folder, 1 Three Ring Zipper Binder, pack of plastic pocket tabs.
Paper and Pencils
Whiteboard markers and eraser
Colored pens and a Highlighter
Pocket folders-3 and a spiral notebook
Glue, Colored Pencils and pencil box
Book Rings: pack needs to include a large one, Walmart and Staples have these
3 Composition Books
Travel Size deodorant
$6.00 for SS Weekly ( Trust me, this is much better than the SS book.)
Lysol Wipes ,and Sanitizer, Kleenex, Printer Paper

*No Trapper Keepers, they take up to much space.