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Clearmont Elementary School


Student & Parent Handbook





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Burnsville NC 28714

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The Purr-fect Place to Learn


A Brighter Future for Our Children




Clearmont Elementary School is committed to providing quality education that will enable each child to reach his/her potential academically, physically, socially and morally.



Mission Statement

At Clearmont Elementary School our primary concern is to move forward every year and provide the best academic experience possible through continual growth among students and faculty.



Stuart Jolley, Principal

Tammy Hensley, Secretary

Shelly Bailey, Kindergarten Teacher

Sharleen Wiseman, First Grade Teacher

Dawn Robinson, Second Grade Teacher

Jill Hensley, Third Grade Teacher

Erin Tipton, Fourth Grade Teacher

Shannon Edge, Fifth Grade Teacher

Heather England, Assistant

Sarah Harris, Assistant

Tina Whitson, Assistant

Malinda Silver , Assistant Technology Facilitator, PBIS Director

Teresa Stiles, Counselor/Testing Coordinator

Elizabeth Boulter, Music Teacher

Marcia Huskins, Art Teacher

Cody Tipton, Physical Education Teacher

Tracy Stebbeds, Exceptional Children’s Teacher

Gene Berry, Custodian

Julie Letterman, Cafeteria Supervisor

Patricia Brickhouse, Cafeteria Staff

Kathy Honeycutt, Bus Driver #100

Nancy Pittman, Bus Driver #104

Tina Whitson, Bus Driver   #81



 Our school day hours are 7:30-2:55.


Doors will be unlocked at 7:30 for student arrival.  Upon arrival, students will report to the lunchroom or other areas as specifically assigned by their grade level teacher.  Breakfast will be served from 7:30 to 7:55.  Instruction begins at 8:00. Students will be considered tardy if arriving after 8:00.  Three tardies equal one absence. The classroom teacher takes attendance each morning and reports absences to the school office.


Reporting Absences

When your child  will not be at school, please call the school at 682-2337.   The parent/guardian or custodian of a child will notify the school in which a child is enrolled of the reason for each known absence.


Excused Absences during the School Day

The parent guardian or custodian will notify the school within five business days by phone, written statement, or doctor’s statement of the reason for each absence.  Absences due to extended illnesses may also require a statement from a physician.  Failure to comply with the above will result in the absence being unexcused.  ATTENDANCE POLICY Policy Code: 4400 has a full listing of excused absences.


Make Up Work During Excused Absences

Assignments missed for approved reason are eligible for makeup by the student.  The teacher will determine when work is to be made up.  The student is responsible for finding out what assignments are due and completing them within the specified time.


Trips for Educational Reasons

ATTENDANCE POLICY Policy Code: 4400 allows for a maximum of five days for participation in a valid educational opportunity.  An Excused Absence for Educational Reasons Form is available in the office and must be signed and approved by the Principal.



If your child arrives at school after classes have begun, he or she must report to the office.  The school attendance record will be changed to indicate that the student is not absence but tardy.  


Excessive Absences

Students who have accumulated excessive number of absences (25 or more) may be retained at their current grade level in accordance with ATTENDANCE POLICY Policy Code: 4400. 



The Clearmont School Staff is committed to providing quality education to students in a safe and respectful environment. Teachers will review expectations and rules at the beginning of the school year.  A copy of classroom rules and expectations will be provided by the classroom teacher at the beginning of the school year. All staff will work together to continue to implement our tiered discipline system as part of our school’s PBIS policy with emphasis on these areas:


1. Disruptive behavior//excessive talking

2. Missing assignments

3. Failure to turn in homework

4. School bus misbehavior

5. Being respectful

6. Lunchroom misbehavior

7. Other misbehaviors that interrupt the overall school environment


Tier Discipline System:

Tier I Lunch detention: Referrals 1-5. Sixth referral moves student to Tier II

Tier II Timeout/Parent conference with principal: Referrals 6-10. Eleventh referral moves a student to Tier III

Tier III After School Detention with 3:30 p.m. pickup by parent/guardian



Yancey County Schools’ Students’ Rights and Responsibilities Handbook is a booklet that gives information about the student discipline policy, students’ rights, responsibilities, discipline guideline, bus discipline guidelines, as well as other information.  This booklet is provided to students at the beginning of each school year.  The Handbook contains disciplinary actions that follow the PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) system.  Please read the Handbook carefully, then sign and return the attached forms.



Each year, a parent or guardian completes an Emergency Early Dismissal Information Form for each child at Clearmont.  This form provides a record of the parent’s or guardian’s instructions for the child in the event of early dismissal; (for example, go with a relative, go home on the bus as assigned, other).  Please make sure your child knows what to do if school closes early, and you are not home.


If students are dismissed early because of adverse weather conditions, students will be sent on their regular bus unless you have indicated alternate arrangements on the Emergency Early Dismissal Information Form.  Notifications of emergency early dismissal are available by Yancey County Schools’ Alert Now calling system, WKYK and select media outlets as well as the YCS website.  Please make sure that we have updated phone numbers, including cell phone numbers.




Parent Teacher Communication


You and your child’s teachers are working together with the common goal of fostering your child’s education and development.  Open communication between parents and teachers is important to your child’s successful school year.  Please feel free to communicate any concern that you might have.  Student assessment is a continuous process.  Clearmont uses traditional report cards and assessments.  Student work samples are collected to document the progress students make and the samples are sent home during the assessment period.  Report cards are issued at the end of each nine weeks. 


Standardized Testing


Students in grades K-2 will complete assessments each nine weeks.  Students in grades 3-5 will participate in the in the North Carolina End-of-Grade Testing Program.  These tests measure student performance in math and reading.  Third grade students will also participate in the Read to Achieve initiative.  Fifth grade students are also required to take an end-of-grade science test.  Promotion to the next grade level from grades three and five are dependent on a combination of these test scores, classwork, and attendance.  Students who do not pass any part of the North Carolina EOG tests may be retained. 


In scheduling your summer activities for 2016 please be aware that the the last fifteen days of the school year are utilized for testing and remediation. 




First Aid and Illness

     If your child has a fever, the child should stay at home for 24 hours after the temperature returns to normal.  If your child has vomited or had diarrhea, they should home until 24 hours after the last episode.

     All communicable conditions (e.g. chicken pox, strep throat, head lice) should be reported to the school.  The situation could require the school to send a notice to all students in that classroom.

     If your child is ill at school, the staff will attempt to call the parent first and then the name that you have specified to call on the Permission to Pick Up form.  If neither can be reached, an adult named by the student will be called.  A student will not be sent home without consulting an adult.



The board recognizes that students may need to take medication during school hours. The school district will administer drugs or medication prescribed by a doctor upon the written request of the parents. To minimize disruptions parents. To minimize disruptions to the school day, medicines should be taken at home rather than at school whenever feasible. The school district is not required to administer any medication that could be taken at home.   Full explanation of these requirements that must be fulfilled prior to medicine being dispensed is available in ADMINISTERING MEDICINES TO STUDENTS Policy Code: 4326/6125.



Parent Involvement Policy. Section 1118


We believe that all parents and families want the best for their children and acknowledge that research tells us that children do best when parents are enabled to play three key roles in their children’s learning:

Teachers (helping children at home)

Supporters (contributing their skill to the school)

Decision-makers (participating with the school in joint problem-solving)


We recognize parents as full partners with educators and administrators to achieve the best possible learning experience for each child.  A strong program of communication between home and school must be encouraged, continually evaluated, and maintained so the school and community are connected in meaningful and productive ways.  For your information we will distribute the Parent Involvement Policy to parents of all of our students. 


Parental Involvement Plan


Convene an annual meeting during the first month of school (Parent Night/Open House), at a convenient time, to which all parents will be invited and encouraged to attend for the purpose of (a) informing parents of the school’s participation in the Title I program described in the NCLB legislation, (b) explaining the requirements of the Title I program, and (c) answering questions about the rights of parents to be informed about and involved in Title I.  This night will also give parents the opportunity to hear an overview of the teacher’s plans for the coming year, and give them the opportunity to ask the teacher questions about the class.  Our annual meeting is held during the fall semester at the first Open House/Parent Night.  Parents are notified in writing of the meeting and the agenda includes information about Clearmont’s school-wide Title I program.  Parents are also notified of this meeting and the agenda through AlertNow, our automated calling system and through information posted on our school website. 


School/Parent/Student Contract


A copy of our School/Parent/Student Contract is contained in our Student Handbook that is available to all parents. Both parents and students sign this contract and return it to the school secretary. This document remains on file at the school. Your child will receive a copy of this contract on the first day of school. However, the full student handbook document can be accessed through the school website.



Arrival/Dismissal Procedures

Doors will be unlocked no earlier than 7:30 for student arrival.  Upon arrival, students will report to the lunchroom or other areas as specifically assigned by their grade level teacher.  For the safety of our students, adults are not permitted to walk students to their classrooms in the morning or go to the classroom to get them in the afternoon.  In the morning, parents who bring students by car will drive around the back of the building and let students out in the designated area (near the lunchroom door).  There will be a staff member on duty from 7:30 - 7:55 every morning to supervise your students coming into the school.  In the afternoon, buses will be loaded first, then parents may drive around the circle in back to pick up their children.

     Students MUST be signed out in the office if they are leaving before 2:55.  (Remember, if they leave before 2:55, it will count as a tardy.)  The secretary will call the student’s classroom and ask the teacher to send the student to the office to go home. 

     Each visitor to the Clearmont campus is required to check in at the office area prior to being admitted to the building.

     Students will not be allowed to ride a bus other than the assigned bus unless there is a note signed by the parent.  The same will apply to students who will be riding home with another student.

     Students will not be permitted to leave the school with anyone besides parents and persons listed on the student’s Permission to Pick Up sheet.

     We ask parents to please inform other caregivers, i.e., grandparents, babysitters, etc… that will be picking up or dropping off your child to please inform them of these safety procedures. 


Locked Doors

During regular school hours, all outside doors will be locked.


Safety Drills

     Fire drills are held once per month.  

     Severe weather drills are held at least once during the school year.


 Weapons Policy

Students and non-students, including adults and visiting youths, are forbidden to knowingly or voluntarily possess, store in an area subject to one’s control, handle, transmit or use any instrument that is considered a weapon or “look-alike” weapon in school, on school grounds, at school activities, at bus stops, on buses, or at school events.

Disciplinary action will be taken as stated in Yancey County Schools Rights and Responsibilities Handbook.

Field Trips

Providing children with a field experience is an important part of our curriculum.  Field trips are organized by each grade level throughout the school year to coordinate with the curriculum.  Parents will be notified of field trip plans and asked to sign permission slips and return them to school along with a fee to cover transportation cost and admission. Adults or children that are not employees or students of Yancey County Schools will not be permitted to ride school buses.    It is at the teacher’s and administrator  discretion as to whether or not a student may attend a planned field trip event.


Toys, Wheeled Shoes, and Electronic Devices


With the teacher’s permission, young students (K-2) are allowed to bring small toys to school.  There will be certain times that the students will be allowed to play with them, and at other times the items will be kept in the appropriate place.  If any item causes a disruption it will be confiscated and returned at the end of the day or a parent may be asked to pick the item up from school. The principal, teachers, and staff are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.  Because of safety concerns, students are not allowed to wear shoes which have wheels at school.  Electronic devices (Kindles, Nooks, video games, cell phones, ipads, ipods, etc.) should not be brought to school.  These items are a distraction to instruction. The school is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.  If the item is brought to school, it will be confiscated and returned at the end of the day, or a parent may be asked to pick the item up from school.


Use of Wireless Communication Devices (Policy Code #4318)


As cell phones have become an important tool for parents to communicate with their children, elementary students will be allowed to possess a cell phone on school property, as long as such devices are not activated, used, displayed, or visible during the instructional day, nor will they be permitted to be in use on the school bus.  School employees may immediately confiscate any wireless communication device that is on, used, displayed, or visible in violation of this policy.  If a student violates this policy, consequences are as follows:


1st offense:  The phone is confiscated and is returned to the student at the end of the day.

2nd offense:  The phone is confiscated and the parent is called to pick up the phone.

3rd offense:  The phone is confiscated, and student will not be allowed to bring it back for the remainder of the year.

4th offense:  Student will receive out of school suspension.


Lost and Found

The Lost and Found is located outside the office.  Please check this area for your child’s missing items.  As items accumulate, unclaimed and unlabeled items are donated to charity.  Please take time to label the individual belongings of your student.


Appropriate Internet Use

Students will abide by Yancey County’s Appropriate Internet use policy. The Internet is to be used as an educational tool.  If parents do not want their children to use the Internet at school, they must sign the Internet Non-Use Form, located in the YCS Rights and Responsibilities Handbook.


Student Accident Insurance

Accidents do happen, whether on the athletic field, in the gym or cafeteria. Yancey County Schools offers parents the opportunity to purchase student accident insurance from a private third-party insurance provider. 



all of the following forms by August 21st


Please read and explain this handbook to your child and complete all forms that we have included that pertain to your child. Please sign and return these forms to your child’s teacher.


I have read and reviewed the Clearmont Student Handbook with my child online at under the Parental/Community Information side tab, or I have requested and received a paper copy.


Student’s Name:_____________________________________________________________


Parent’s signature:  ______________________________Date:  _______________________



Because the safety of your children is our main priority, we would like to have a current plan in place for your child to follow in case of early dismissal.  Since we usually get very short notice of early dismissals due to snow, flooding, etc…, please do not ask your child to call you.  We must keep the phone lines open for updates from the Superintendent and to notify bus drivers.  Thank you for your cooperation.


_________My child should ride the bus to his/her normal location.


_________My child should ride the bus to another location in the Clearmont school district.  (Please give a specific location)________________________________________________


_________My child will be a pick-up.  (Persons who may pick up your child must be listed on the Permission to Pick-Up Form.)


_______________________________________Parent’s Signature


Parents’ Contact Numbers: Mother-Home__________________ Work_________________




Father-  Home__________________  Work_________________




Alternate Contacts-If parents cannot be reached at the above numbers, whom may we contact regarding your child?             

Contact Name_____________________Relationship__________




Parents’ email addresses:  Mother_________________________________________________



















Student’s Name______________________________________________


Parent’s Signature____________________________________________


Teacher’s Name______________________________________________

For safety reasons, please provide the following information for your child’s records:

List below everyone that has your permission to pick up your child from school:

NAME                                                           RELATIONSHIP TO YOUR      


___________________________      _______________________________

___________________     ______________________

___________________     ______________________

___________________     ______________________

*If someone is to pick up your child from school that is not listed, you must call the school or send a signed note for your child to be released to this person.  If we do not have permission from you, your child will not be released. 


*If there is anyone that cannot pick up your child by court order, please list their names below:

NAME                                                           RELATIONSHIP TO YOUR CHILD

___________________________       _______________________________

___________________     ______________________


You must attach a copy of the court order, if it is not already on file in the office, especially if this person is a parent of the child.








Return THIS form to Ms. Tammy in the office


            STUDENT                                                                 PARENT

I promise to:                                                                We (I) promise to:

Attend school every day possible                                 Make sure my child attends school every                        


Be on time to school                                                    Make sure my child arrives by 7:45 a.m.

Pay attention in class                                                 Teach my child to listen in class

Obey my teachers and all adults at school                 Teach my child to obey school rules and                                                                                              policies

Respect myself and others                                           Teach my child respect for self and others

Complete all class and homework assignments          Spend 15 minutes or more with our (my)                                                                                            child reading

Show my parents all school communication             Read all school communication (sign and                                                                                          return the day it is given to me, if                                      


                                                                                  Communicate with my child’s teachers                                                                                       

Communicate with my teacher whenever                 whenever we (I) have a concern

I have a concern         

Give my best effort at all times                                Teach my child to do the best he/she can at all times

Treat all adults with respect                                       Treat all faculty and staff with dignity                                                                                     and respect

Never give up                                                             Teach my child to never stop trying


_________________________________                  ___________________________________

Student’s signature                                                                      Parent(s) signature

_________________________________                  ___________________________________

Grade                                                                                         Date



The Clearmont Elementary School Staff Promises To:

Regard every child as able, valuable, and responsible.

Care for every child in his/her individual development both academically and personally.

Maintain high expectations for every child’s academic performance and personal behavior.

Maintain frequent and positive communication with parents.

Treat every child and parent with dignity and respect.

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________________________________        ____________________________________

Teacher’s signature          2015-2016             Principal's signature            2015-2016


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